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Thoughtful Reflection

imThis week I’ll begin to take part in the #IMMOOC challenge.  This challenge includes the reading (or rereading) of the book The Innovator’s Mindset, taking part in multiple challenges and reflecting via blog posts.  This blog post is part of the challenge.

I enjoy blogging but will admit that at times I find my blogs go unpublished.  If you were to look in my drafts you’d see a myriad of amazing topics ready to publish.  I’m just not sure they are perfect.

This leads me to think – blogging isn’t about being perfect, but instead is a mindful reflection amongst colleagues.  Blogging is more about me reflecting to become a better leader, coach, and educator.educator-as-lead-learner

To become the best coach I can be I need to model the learning journey.

I’m looking forward to this journey – and I promise to pull some of the past blog posts that are in hiding out for all to see!  (I will check my spelling and word choice first!!)


Traveler, Writer, Mom, who is passionate about seeing the world, but not passionate about spending money. I love to share tips on how we travel on our own and with our chidren without spending a furtune.

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