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#ISTE17 Reflections – Poster PL


This week my blog will be filled with reflections from the ISTE Conference in San Antonio.

My first reflection will be on the PosterPL.  While this session is just setting up, the more I look at this the more I can visualize the idea for a campus-wide Gallery Walk PL.

Below is how I can see PosterPL working on a campus.

The gist of PosterPL, is that teachers create a virtual or old school poster, describing something exciting going on in their classroom.  Once the poster is created, examples of student work, rubrics, check points etc. can be added around it as artifacts to help others see how this could be used in the classroom.

Eventually, teachers reflect on what they’ve seen on their Poster PL Gallery Walk in a blog or discussion board.  If two teachers want to follow up they can with learning walks or collaboration.

One huge benefit is that the amazing teachers who don’t feel comfortable presenting get to share ideas in a low pressure situation.  Teachers will also be able to have a sneak peak into multiple classrooms.

This is what how I envision Poster PL Working:

This is where the poster will be displayed.

Poster Displays

Teachers can display either a virtual poster or This is where the poster is displayed.  Teachers could choose either a digital poster or an old-school science trifocals to display what is going on in their classroom.  Behind the monitor the teacher could display student work, the table could hold artifacts like rubrics or directions.

Teachers rotate from one poster to the next.  They gather nuggets of brilliance from their peers and move on to the next poster.  In the end, teachers will get multiple snapshots of what is going on in other classrooms.



Choose Your Poster PL

Teachers would have a list of possible posters to go view.  This is one of the ISTE displays.

After the Poster PL, teachers can put their presentations in a discussion board for follow up.

This is just my take away from today.  I’ve had a great first day, connected with several people in my PLN.  I’ve also come up with several ideas for next year.


More from ISTE later.

I also met Susan Bearden, or @s_bearden.  The moderator of #EdTechChat.  She is  as interesting in person as she is during our Twitter chat.  Here is a picture of my sister coach Mandy and Susan.

Susan, Doris and Mandy








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