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Rethinking Professional Learning

adobe-spark-13-1I’ve started to focus my PL on reading blogs that interest me.  I feel like I’ve found a fountain of knowledge of Twitter and being able to tap into the fountain has helped me grow as a coach.

Today, as I focused on PL that would inspire me in my roll as an instructional coach, I stumbled across this blog entry by George Couros.

I’m looking at my PL opportunities for this upcoming calendar year and realized that if I want teachers to make a change I need to do the same thing.  This blog hit at just the right time.

When teachers have ownership over their learning, and experience what powerful learning can look like, it changes things in their classrooms.

January will offer my teachers a lot more control over their learning! What a great New Year’s Resolution!


~ Doris


Traveler, Writer, Mom, who is passionate about seeing the world, but not passionate about spending money. I love to share tips on how we travel on our own and with our chidren without spending a furtune.

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