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#IMMOOC Building Conditions to Support Innovation

If you are new to my blog, I am taking part in an online course (IMMOOC) over the book, The Innovator’s Mindset.   This entry is my reflection on the reading and the answer to my blog question.

Assigned Blog Question:  How do you create or build on these conditions to support innovation? What has been the impact on those you serve?

This week’s blog challenge has helped cement my ideas on howfoundation a technology coach can help a teacher develop an Innovator’s Mindset.  As I ask teachers to take a risk, it is my job to take risks with them.

I really like the foundation graphic on the right,  creating meaningful learning experiences for educators really speaks to me.  Most of my day is spent in professional learning experiences.  Either simple training or more complex coaching.  These learning experiences help a teacher build their own road to innovation.

When our district first went 1:1, I made a sign for my office door. The sign said, “It is NOT about the device, it is about the learning” but I wonder if in my zeal to help teachers become more innovative, if I really practiced what I preached.

Relationships – Relationships – Relationships

If I want someone to take a leap, I have to be there to catch them if they need it. It is not about the device, it is about the people.  As those relationships grow, my role as a coach becomes more meaningful.

Also, when I look at relationships, I have to remember that it is important for me to stay networked. This includes my immediate work family, but also my PLN.  I’m very excited to go to ISTE this year to meet some of the other #IMMOOC members!

I have realized that it is not just the ideas that I might get, but the courage to step out and try something innovative.  I’m looking forward to going to ISTE and meeting some of these people face to face.

Later this week I’ll share my reflection on how an innovator’s mindset can affect students.

One of the fun things we did this week is to develop a MEME based on our learning for the week.  I really enjoyed making a Meme!



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