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Innovation is not about the stuff! #IMMOOC

th This week in our #IMMOOC  study  of the book, The Innovators Mindset, we were encouraged to reflect on critical questions for educators in Chapter Two.  As I started looking at the question it reminded me of a grad school project on my perfect school.    I pulled out that old “perfect” school, and found that my new perfect school was focused more on the staff  then the stuff.

Questions that resonate with me focus on recognizing the student’s passion and assuring that we’re focusing on the needs of each student.  Having a staff that focuses on what each student needs at that moment and what each student is passionate about is my perfect school.  In my perfect school students will create, innovate, fill safe to try, realize that if they falter the first time, they can try again. To be able to assure that students have all these things we need to make sure our teachers are resilient and have the grit to keep trying new things, realize that they must think about the students’ needs and not their teaching style.  We need innovative educational facilitators.


I want teachers who are leaders, willing to take a risk and do things that allow students to think and create.

Essentially, my new perfect school is very people focused.  Of course I want a great facility that supports innovation.  WIFI that never goes down – great computers – a world class library with databases filled to meet all student needs – flexible seating options -a performing art center –  a music wing – an art wing that celebrate the arts  – Science and Math labs that allow for creativity -an Agriculture Wing that grows the food our students eat at school everyday – engineering and robotics classrooms  – a culinary arts lab that will provide our school lunches – an AV program that creates news for our school and reports on the local news stations – A CTE program that provides students options for the future  –   a state of the art Makerspace and each student will go home with a computer and WIFI accessible to them at home.

As cool as all that “stuff” sounds – innovative educators are paramount!

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