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What Is Best For This Learner?

The process of reading The Innovator’s Mindset has already been thought provoking.  The #IMMOOC has led me to think a great deal about innovation and what it can do in the classroom.  Chapter One asks me to start with a question, “What is best for this learner?”learner  If innovation is an “evolution that makes things better for the student-learner” than we have to think about the learner.

The problem with any practice is that we want to do what we have always done.  It is comfortable, it is easy, we feel successful we have handouts – the excuses can continue for ever – but if we really want to be innovative, we have to think about the leaner.  How will the time in our classroom change this learners future?

We need to think differently, teach differently.  Let’s design an educational system that takes the leaner’s interest in mind.  If change is constant, what are we doing to help our learners prepare for change?  We know we are preparing students for jobs that are not currently created, but are we really doing anything about it?

Deep thoughts for a Friday night!  Off to watch a high school football game!



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