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Innovation Coach

Today starts the beginning of a journey.  I’m focusing on building my skills as an “Innovation Coach.”  Over the past year I dove head first into reading research on learning, both for our students and adults and how that should look in our schools.  Today I’m entering my third MOOC  (Massive Open Online Course) While this isn’t my first MOOC, it is the largest, with thousands of people focusing on learning one thing.

How do we develop an Innovator’s Mindset?  I mean, it is not about just about consumption or memorization, but instead about problem solving and creating.  Our students deserve better, and from my point of view, as a coach, our teacher’s deserve better.

So today – the experience starts!



Traveler, Writer, Mom, who is passionate about seeing the world, but not passionate about spending money. I love to share tips on how we travel on our own and with our chidren without spending a furtune.

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