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#IMOOC #InnovatorsMindset

Inspiring Innovators

I’ve joined a MOOC to read and study the book, The Innovator’s Mindset.  I’ve joined in a MOOC before, and have found the experience rewarding.  You can sign up and join us here if you are interested.

The first question we’ve been asked is why do we think education should become more innovative.  I wonder why it isn’t.  I mean the entire purpose of education is to help us make better sense of the world around us, to help us create better, live better, find, explore, thrive – so when did innovation leave education?

More to ponder on that subject!!


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One thought on “#IMOOC #InnovatorsMindset

  1. Hi Doris!

    I wonder if innovation hasn’t necessarily left education, but it’s been put on a back burner with so much pressure to raise test scores and increased scrutiny on teacher evaluations? In some schools, innovation becomes an extra; “if there’s time for it at the end of the year, go ahead.”

    Hopefully we are making a swing back in the direction of a changing world of education where innovation becomes the norm!

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